Spaceport Overview

What are we doing here at Spaceport?

We are working towards creating and maintaining a fun, yet challenging retro top-down shooter that rewards you SpacePort Universe (SPU) tokens for your time and effort spent in game. This is not a "Click here to win/lose sort of game. This is not a "come and spend $2,000 on day one" sort of game. This is a game that is completely free to play for everyone. And if you want to start earning, you simply need to buy SPU tokens. This is a crypto game for gamers. We don't have a ton of transactions during gameplay to waste your time and BNB. All you need to do at the end of each session is save your score, which is a cost-free signature from your Metamask wallet. The team is committed to making the dream of being able to provide for your family in a convenient way, while staying at home with your family, and most important of all, while having fun! You have played games like Spaceport before. You have loved games like Spaceport before. But have you ever gotten paid to play games like this before?
Diamond Shuttle - Digital Collectible Art at Spaceport
The most up to date information can be found here, in our Discord.
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