Where is Spaceport going, other than to the moon and stars beyond?
Q3 2021
Base of SpacePort Coin game
    SpacePort Coin Launch
    Revamped home webpage
    Multiple AMAs with community, YouTube,, and other platforms
    CoinGecko Listing
    CoinMarketCap Listing
    SpacePort Coin logo added on Trust Wallet
    Partnered with a foundation that caters to communities severely affected by the pandemic through SpacePort Relief program
    Released NFT lines with in-game utility
    18,500 holders reached
    Over 1.5 million dollars distributed to holders through airdrop
    Referral Program is now live.
Q4 2021 onwards
    Website/Reddit/Twitter/Facebook Marketing Marketing has been a huge part of the success of SpacePort and we will continue to make marketing deals that will skyrocket the growth of the project.
    Gameplay improvements The game development team is putting in hundreds of hours to provide players better gameplay where they can enjoy more while earning SPC. Other worlds are currently being developed and they will be implemented as soon as it is ready.
    SpaceDrop Server that cuts expenses on gas fees during airdrops. It is a service that will be offered to third-party clients for additional revenue.
    Advertisements It has always been the priority of the team to ensure the sustainability of the game. Advertisements can provide additional revenue that will be directly circulated to the prize pool.
    SpacePort Universe Staking The project has rewarded holders from the very start. Through this, holders can stake their SPU and earn more through passive income.
    Space Lottery Players can buy a ticket and have a chance to win the lottery. A portion of the lottery prize pool generated by the lottery will be added to SpacePort prize pool.
    SpacePort Scholarship We are currently looking for ways to integrate a scholarship program to the game that will benefit both the small and large investors.
    More partnerships with foundations that can properly distribute donation funds from SpacePort Relief
    More exchange options will be explored to expand the accessibility of the token.
    SpaceBots 10,000 hand-drawn NFT line with attributes of varying rarity that will be minted on Solana Network. More information can be found on their Discord server.
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